We went ATV-ing   it was really cool and fun. When we first got there I was really scared and then it got really epic. At first the guide was driving, but soon I took over. We went on a practice track that was cool and I got to go on a bumpy other track that […]

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Moon Bears


We saw moon bears when we were walking to a cool waterfall place.  That is why I am writing about moon bears.  The moon bears that we saw were really lazy.  The place we went to is called Free The Bear, because it helps rescue bears from horrible places. The people who catch the bears […]

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Cross-bow making


We went to a crossbow making place in a small village. We got a tuktuk there because it was really far from the place we were staying in. When we got there, there was an eighty four year old man who was our teacher. He could not speak English so a younger man was the […]

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Ta Prohm


We went to see a whole bunch of temples in a place called Ta Prohm that was overgrown with trees. We went to a temple that had a tree growing on the roof. It also had a while bunch of trees with their roots spreading out like giant spiderwebs. There was one really big tree […]

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Landmine Museum


We went to see a mine museum that was set up by a minesweeper who still clears mines. He used to be a minelayer and work for the army but then the war was over and so he became a minesweeper and cleared mines.  His name is Aki Ra and he was forced to fight […]

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Dangerous Jellyfish


When we went swimming in the Whitsundays in Australia, we had to wear stinger suits and wear stinger hoods so we looked like ninjas. We had to do this because of really poisonous jellies that can kill you and that swim here. Here is some information about them.  Poisonous Box jellys The largest type of […]

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Luke’s Fraser Island


We went to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. We were with daddy and we traveled with a group called Dropbear adventures. There were at least 30 people in our group and they were about 18-30 years old. Dropbear is a four wheel drive tour of Fraser Island and our tour guides […]

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Kangaroos and koalas


We went to see kangaroos and koalas. We stopped off at a zoo place to see them. We got to go in early so we were the only ones there. We got to feed them and pet them and I took a selfie with a kangaroo! The kangaroo’s fur is really soft and cuddly. When […]

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Bondi to Coogee


We went on a beach walk from Coogee to Bondi. It was fifteen kilometers long. Before we started we got to go play on a beach.  When we started walking we were walking on a cliff and occasionally going down to a little bay to swim for a bit. There was one place were the […]

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