Moon Bears


We saw moon bears when we were walking to a cool waterfall place.  That is why I am writing about moon bears.  The moon bears that we saw were really lazy.  The place we went to is called Free The Bear, because it helps rescue bears from horrible places.


The people who catch the bears usually do it to give them to bile farms and milk them for bile whilst they produce it,  then kill them for their body parts.  Mostly Chinese people want the bile from the bears so they can make medicine out of it.  In the bile farms the bears are kept in tiny cages which they can barely roll around or even move in.

Moon bears can climb trees with both their hind legs broken.  They have a light brown nose and white patches on their chests.  Males weigh 60 to 160 pounds and females weight 40 to 140 pounds.  They live in temperate, subtropical and tropical forests.  They are five feet tall, they breed from May to June and have 1 to 3 cubs each time.  The moon bear’s scientific name is Ursus Thibetanus. The moon bear’s predators are tigers, people and wolves.  Moon bears usually eat acorns, beech and other nuts; they also eat fruit and berries.  They are really, really endangered because of Chinese medicine, and are really badly treated.  There are very few left in the world.  Free the Bear tried to rescue them from the horrible bile farms, but it seems that as soon as they rescue some bears, someone else sets up a bile farm.

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