Dangerous Jellyfish


When we went swimming in the Whitsundays in Australia, we had to wear stinger suits and wear stinger hoods so we looked like ninjas. We had to do this because of really poisonous jellies that can kill you and that swim here. Here is some information about them.

 Poisonous Box jellys

The largest type of Box jelly is called the Chironex Fleckeri. Whenever I say Box jellys or Box jelly I am referring to the Chironex Fleckeri. The Box jellyfish has three-meter long tentacles, it is thirty centimeters in diameter, and it also IMG_1894weighs two kilograms. It is a very pale blue color that makes it almost transparent. The Box jelly has caused at least sixty-four deaths in Australia and they will claim more. Even if you don’t see one when you get in the water it can swim up to three knots so you can still get stung. You can die from a Box jelly sting in three minutes; also the sting affects the skin blood and heart. If you get stung you will most likely DIE!!! The Box jelly has five thousand stinging cells on each tentacle; they also have fifteen tentacles on each stinger. Box jellys eat small fish and crustaceans.

IMG_1903 (1)


Irukandjis are so small that their head is only as big as the red part of the matchstick and if you keep one in an aquarium and it hits the side the impact will kill it. Irukandjis can deliver a sting one THOUSAND times as powerful than a tarantula. They are not as common as Box jellyfish and so you have less of a chance to get stung by them. There have been seventy deaths from Irukandjis


And they still lurk today…. don don dooonnn


  1. Hi Luke,
    Did you see an Irukandji jellyfish, too. And also, how did you get to hold that Jellyfish without getting stung? I miss you and I hope I can see you a lot when you come home. Your trip looks really really fun. I got your postcard.

  2. Make sure you don’t get stung without your ninja/sting suit … actually just DONT GET STUNG AT ALL. Ok now that’s settled, we all hope to see you home safe and sound very very very soon back in England

    Hugs and kisses
    from one of your favourite cousins


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