Bondi to Coogee


We went on a beach walk from Coogee to Bondi. It was fifteen kilometers long. Before we started we got to go play on a beach. 

IMG_1180When we started walking we were walking on a cliff and occasionally going down to a little bay to swim for a bit. There was one place were the waves were really big. I didn’t go in, I just jumped over them. When we got to Bondi we saw that the beach was really big and it had a lot of surfers in the water. IMG_1206The beach was so big that the lifeguards used a dune buggy to get across it! Sacha, Thalie and I went and played on it, the beach was really fun. When we got out we went to have dinner at a fancy place but they wouldn’t let me go in without my shoes on. When I put my shoes on and went inside I ordered kids fish and chips, it came with a free sundae, the service was really slow and people who came after us got served first. When we finally got our food we ate it very fast then the person brought three sundaes that were free instead of one for just me. Then we paid and got a bus home. Lovely time at the beach by Luke :-) ;)  


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