Cross-bow making


We went to a crossbow making place in a small village. We got a tuktuk there because it was really far from the place we were staying in.

IMG_3080 IMG_3099

When we got there, there was an eighty four year old man who was our teacher. He could not speak English so a younger man was the translator: his son was also there and he helped us. We were in a small village and all the relatives came to watch us because we were in their backyard.

IMG_3086 First the teacher gave us a crossbow that we got to shoot. Then he gave us pieces of wood and knives to cut them with, and then smooth them. Then, we cut a hole near the front of the big piece of wood, and slipped a piece of bamboo that was cut in half through the hole. Then, we burned a hole through the middle and put a wooden knob through a lever and into the hole that we burned. Then for the last step the people made us rope by weaving bamboo strips together. We put them on the end of the crossbow and we had finished. The arrows were made of thin pieces of wood and they had straw feathers.


It took three hours and I was really hot and thirsty but my crossbow is epic. I put my initials on it and now it is called LAW (those are my initials). Then we got a tuktuk home.


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