Kangaroos and koalas


We went to see kangaroos and koalas. We stopped off at a zoo place to see them. We got to go in early so we were the only ones there. We got to feed them and pet them and I took a selfie with a kangaroo! The kangaroo’s fur is really soft and cuddly. When we fed the kangaroos they ate straight out of our hands. Their paws are very human like and they have claws that they used to scratch you for food.

 P1000663 P1000671

Two of the kangaroos had joeys; I don’t think that the joey was very comfortable because his leg was stuck over his head.

 P1000523 IMG_1841

We also got to pet koalas. We got to take pictures really close to them. The koalas were really fuzzy. When it was my turn to take a picture I got to stand on a crate so I was closer to them. The koalas were really sleepy and one koala tried to shove another koala out of the tree. Some koalas were eating eucalyptus leaves and some just had a few bites and went back to sleep because they sleep twenty hours a day.

P1000470 P1000657 P1000481


  1. Hi Luke,
    In one of the pictures it looked like a kangaroo was trying to take your phone. Did it? Did the koala actually push the koala out of the tree?

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