Luke’s travel round-up


Before we went on the trip I didn’t want to do homeschool because I knew it wasn’t going to be fun and I didn’t want to leave my friends because I would miss them and I want to play with them. Before we left I didn’t really want to go on the trip because our dad wasn’t coming. I was really excited that we didn’t have to do work until momma said that we were doing homeschool because it’s boring.

When we went to Costa Rica I was excited about surfing because I knew it would definitely be fun and I was excited about seeing all the animals in the Galapagos. It was really unexpected when I got my toe sliced open on a barnacle in Thailand and also loads of people said that it was super bad and I could die. It was unexpected when people were superly friendly everywhere. IMG_9236It was also unexpected when the people kept touching my hair and wanting to hug me and take pictures and calling me ‘Boy’. It was much easier to do the Inca trail then I expected because I guess we were pretty fit and I didn’t have altitude sickness. Also in Australia and in New Zealand it was more Englishy than I expected. It was hard when I was sick in India and Thailand because I couldn’t do anything at all. It was hard when I was missing daddy because we could only Skype him, also when we were in India we couldn’t have hamburgers or meat because the cows are sacred in India

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 One of the scariest parts was when we were white water rafting and there was a lightning storm and are boat almost tipped over; also when we were in Costa Rica we were driving home in a car and we were going pretty fast and we hit a pothole and our car swerved around and hit the side of the road luckily there was an ambulance and they got us back on the road. I think the best parts were when I was going surfing and it was sunny, also when I was playing at the beach. It was also really exciting when we did the ATV tours.


If I had to live in one country I would live in Costa Rica because it is a nice little place and I’m sure I could find a good job and also I would be right next to the beach. I think that I learned the most about history and culture in Peru because we climbed the Inca trail, saw ruins and went to Machu Picchu. I think that we learned most about nature at the Galapagos because we went to islands with sea lions, marine iguanas, sharks and birds. I think we learned the most about other peoples lives in Cambodia because we went to a school and read about the land mine kills and things like that.

 IMG_9324 IMG_5726

I think the thing that will stay with me the longest is the time I surfed a really big wave in Costa Rica and then wiped out. If someone was going on a trip like ours I would tell them that homeschool is really hard and annoying. And if you have mom like mine then you wont get the weekends off. Also India is not very fun.

 The end. Thanks for reading!

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