Our scariest moments


We lived through a lot of different emotions on this trip. Everything was amplified – joy, boredom, the sense of freedom, loneliness, fun. The purest emotion of all though, was undiluted terror. Here are our ‘top’ ten moments, in chronological order…   Gerry 180’s the car in Costa Rica Yes, after hours of experience, I […]

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Sacha’s Round-up


Before (and during) the trip, I was worried about quite a few things. I was very worried about my academic success, asking questions to myself such as ‘What if I’m behind everyone else when I get back? What if my grades drop? What if I’m so far behind I can’t get into a good high […]

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Back in England!


We re-jigged our trip a little to catch a small break in England before meeting Lou in Istanbul. The air was cool and welcoming, the grass was soft, the flowers rising out of the earth to meet us. We fitted in a lot of hassle-free, internet-rich schooling, many trapeezing trips, Renaissance-educating in London, and endless […]

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IMG_4686 11.23.14 AM

You can look at a map of a city and it all makes perfect sense. You immediately conjure up visions of strolling along the wide boulevards, popping into conveniently places landmarks from time to time, before summoning a handily waiting tuk tuk for the short ride home. Then you arrive at the city and it’s […]

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The train to Bangkok


Getting train tickets from Chiang Mai to Bangkok required charm, persistence, and many return journeys to our guest house. The unsmiling ticket guy relieved the tedium of his day by playing power games with the hapless, hopeful, red-faced, backpack touting tourists.   It almost felt like a disappointment to him when nothing prevented him from booking […]

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Random Chiang Mai


These images don’t need a post, or any categorization.  There just a series of random images (that I couldn’t fit in anywhere else) of life in this busy, multi-faceted city.  Due to its size and modernity, we found it rather over-whelming after Luang Prabang and Siem Reap. But – as I hope you can see […]

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Making Elephant Poop Paper


Who knew what a fabulous resource elephant poo could be? Non smelly, full of lovely rich fibres and completely abundant, it is a top-tastic recyclable resource.   We had a lovely hour or so in between death-defying adventures (tigers and crocodiles) wandering around this splendid place, learning all about this woefully undervalued material and its literary […]

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