Luke’s Fraser Island


We went to Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world. We were with daddy and we traveled with a group called Dropbear adventures. There were at least 30 people in our group and they were about 18-30 years old. DSCN0200Dropbear is a four wheel drive tour of Fraser Island and our tour guides were Simon and Troy. Simon was really funny and really fun – when we were in lake McKenzie Simon got on daddy’s shoulders and then I got on Simon’s shoulders. Troy did a backflip off a sand dune. Troy also found a whale skeleton.

We camped right behind the sand dunes on the beach. Usually they don’t let kids camp there because of the dingoes, but my mom was very persuasive (and my dad came so that made it more OK, as they thought that we were going to run off and get eaten). When we were camping, in the morning my dad told me that the dingoes had taken my backpack which was in my tent! They didn’t take anything but all my stuff was very grassy.

P1000741 P1000752

Orange Lake

We swam in three different lakes. Lake Wabby was surrounded by huge sand dunes so Thalie, momma and I rolled down really fast into the water. Then I did this flip off the sand dune and it was really epic.   The next lake was lake oranges (I can’t remember its real name so I’m going to call it lake oranges). It was orange because of the tee trees and the eucalyptus trees, so we looked orange when we were swimming in it. The last lake was called Lake McKenzie. It has crystal clear water, sand that you could wash yourself with, and good water to do man towers (even though Sacha and Thalie were good at them too).

DSCN0220 DSCN0212

BTW, Simon told us about the Dropbear. Apparently it is a bear that got a virus and turned carnivorous. Simon told us that if you go walking in the woods at night (except for on a full moon) you will hear a really high-pitched shriek that will make you look up, then a Dropbear will drop on your face and eat you. We went to a living tree that was really big and there was a flat space all the way around it. Simon told us that it was because a lot of dropbears lived in the tree. Guess what? The virus and the Dropbear are actually fake, huuuuuuh! The truth is out, and we figured that out immediately! At lake Mackenzie we made a human tower out of Simon, my dad and me. When we were driving back from Fraser we saw a dingo eating a turtle.

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  1. Hey Luke! Love the photos you picked and REALLY loved doing it all with you and Sacha, Thalie, and Momma. Good thing we didn’t get eaten by a Drop Bear, hah hah!

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