Sacha’s Round-up


Before (and during) the trip, I was worried about quite a few things. I was very worried about my academic success, asking questions to myself such as ‘What if I’m behind everyone else when I get back? What if my grades drop? What if I’m so far behind I can’t get into a good high […]

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Today, we went to see tigers. And they were more awe-inspiring, more impressive, more incredible than I ever could have imagined. Technically, this post is supposed to be about the plight of tigers in the country of Laos, but first I’m just going to treat you to a little introduction. The front legs were wide, […]

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Today we went to make rice. You can use rice to make a lot of things, you know. You can use the kernels to make food, but I guess you already knew that. Are they called kernels? I’m just going to call them kernels. Keep things simple. You can also use the plant part to […]

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Angkor Wat


Today, we went to see the temple of Angkor Wat. It is one of the biggest temples in the world, certainly in Cambodia, and covered in the most amazing carvings.  Of course, as the little wretches my siblings and I are, we got bored of those amazing carving pre-tty quickly and started wishing we could […]

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Cambodia’s Poverty


Today we went to help kids at a school in a very rural Cambodian area, by bringing them lunch. The guesthouse where we are staying was created to help support several schools, and this is the most remote, poorest one of them. Going there to help feed the kids there one good meal, one meal […]

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Diving the Whitsundays


The time has come to tell you about my dives in the Whitsunday Islands. Okay, before I go into a highly detailed, highly awesome description of my dives, I want to say WHAT ON EARTH WAS OUR GOOD FRIEND CAPTAIN JAMES COOK THINKING? I mean, he ran aground in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef, which […]

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Juicy Disaster


Today, I am going to tell you about one crazy night. First we drove for miles and miles, up and down these narrow, twisting roads with the black silhouettes of trees rising up on either side of us, reaching forward with their sharp, twiggy fingers… Anyway. So we drove along these “roads” (notice the quotation […]

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Croc Attack!

There have been millions of crocodile attacks in Australia – most of which are carried out by the notorious saltwater crocs – the largest in the world. Not all of them have been human mortalities, though. Brutus, a 5.5 meter (about 16.5 feet) crocodile, has attacked, killed, and eaten large sharks on more than one […]

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The Rocks


When our dearly departed Captain James Cook discovered Australia, he claimed the land for the British, and then reported back to them. And can you guess what the British thought would be a perfect use for it? If you said ‘making it into a giant superprison for all of its criminals’, you are CORRECT! But […]

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