Croc Attack!

There have been millions of crocodile attacks in Australia – most of which are carried out by the notorious saltwater crocs – the largest in the world. Not all of them have been human mortalities, though. Brutus, a 5.5 meter (about 16.5 feet) crocodile, has attacked, killed, and eaten large sharks on more than one occasion. Here are some of the most notable croc attacks of recent years:

Ginger Meadows, a twenty-four year old model, went to see Crocodile Dundee when it came out. This movie inspired her to take a trip to Australia. On this trip, she went on a luxury cruise, becoming fast friends with Aussie Jane Burchett. Part of the cruise was going to a beautiful waterfall called the King’s Cascades. There, the two decided to swim to the left side of the rocks, where they were going to climb up and explore the top. Bruce Fitzpatrick, the captain of the ship, saw the pair at the rocks, and also a huge saltwater croc moving towards them. He shouted a warning, and yelled at them to get out of the water, but they couldn’t. They were trapped in waist-deep water with their backs against a wall, and a crocodile about fifteen feet away from them and coming closer. Standing there, Burchett and Meadows were literally staring death straight in the face.

Burchett shouted to try and scare off the croc, and then took off her shoe and threw it at the beast, hitting it on the head. It stopped, looking a little confused. Then Meadows jumped into the water to try and swim to safety, but she only made it a few feet before the attack. The crocodile surged up beneath her, opening its jaws, which extended past her stomach on both sides. It pulled her under, and a few seconds later she resurfaced, struggling, and then she disappeared again.

Two days later, a search crew found her armless body.

The thing about this is, Meadows and Burchett (who survived, by the way) was that they saw their attacker coming. The worst thing about crocodiles and sharks alike is that you usually don’t even know they’re there until BAM! And you’re dead. Or legless, or something equally unpleasant.

Which brings me to my next story…

Bill Scott, a sixty-two year old man, was standing on his moored fishing boat, right in front of his entire family, where a fifteen-foot croc snatched him. The crocodile leaped from a waterhole, and, like I said, BAM! He wasn’t even leaning over or anything, just standing there. And then he was gone.

The police hunted down two crocodiles and shot them. Inside one of them they found Scott’s remains.

See what I mean? Here’s another.

A fifty-seven year old man was fishing with his wife on the bank of Adelaide River when his line got snagged. He waded into the water, which was only about knee-deep, to retrieve his fishing equipment, and was grabbed by a 4.5 meter (14.7 foot) rare pale-headed croc nicknamed ‘Michael Jackson.’ Parks, Wildlife Rangers, and the Water Police Section shot and killed the croc. The man’s body was found nearby.

Forget sharks. The crocodiles are coming!

A crocodile swallowed a ten-year-old girl when she was playing in the Wailolong River. Her father and older brother were hunting turtles close by. At the time of the attack, her father was only five meters away, but was powerless to save her.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!

In 2011, a 6.17 meter (20.2 foot) croc, believed to be the biggest ever captured, was captured after a spate of fatal attacks. The croc is believed to be one who killed a farmer who went missing and a girl whose head was bitten off.


And that, my friends, is why you should not go into bodies of water unless somebody else has gone in and not been killed, and why you cannot trust a crocodile.

Oh, did I mention Australia also has the world record for shark attacks?






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