Captain Cook


Captain Cook was one of the most accomplished men in history. He was a highly talented sailor, cartographer, and astronomer, and he discovered not just New Zealand and Australia, but also Hawaii, and several other islands, including Easter Island and the island of South Georgia. He even circumnavigated the world… Twice! He was the second […]

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Have you ever been paragliding? If you have then you know how incredibly fun and scary it is all at the same time. It wasn’t on our original plan but we saw people doing it and so we decided to do it to, and let me just say, it was really high! I felt like I was […]

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When we arrived in Devonport I thought it was a nasty town and it was really ugly. This is because we had to drive the long way around over the bridge and not take the shortcut (by ferry) straight to the town. Now Devonport is actually a really cute little town right next to the […]

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Today, I flew. I’m not going to downplay it. I’m not going to say, “Oh, it was cool” and change the subject to today’s weather. I’m going to tell it how it was. And it was amazing. It’s always been a dream of mine to fly, second only to being a shape-shifter or a sorcerer. […]

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Maori Warfare

Maoris fought each other because they wanted to raid each other’s food stores or because they wanted land and natural resources. Sometimes it was because they thought they had been offended or mistreated. A Maori warrior is called a taha.   All Maori fought by hand-to-hand combat because before the Europeans came, they didn’t have guns […]

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The Colossal Squid


The Colossal squid is the biggest invertebrate in the world. It is part of the mollusk family, meaning that it has a shell, a soft body and bilateral symmetry (which means that if you cut it in half the two sides will look exactly the same). It lives up to 5,000 feet deep in the […]

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Sacha’s Hobbiton


  Today we went to visit Hobbiton, the film set of the Hobbit village in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. What I am instantly going to say is that I wish I could be a hobbit now, and live there. The little houses were all so cute and squat, and they were […]

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By Luke We went to Hobbiton, the main part of the Hobbit movie set, where they filmed The Hobbit and all the Lord of The Rings movies. The movie director was called Peter Jackson and he planned the whole set to be like the books described. The set was built on a farm because there […]

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North Island round-up

We’re on the rainy InterIslander ferry traveling from the north to the south Island today, after a week in the north. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind – we charged around from Auckland to Waitomo to see glow worms in the numerous caves. Then, on to Hobbiton to amble around 44 Hobbit houses and […]

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On Saturday we went luging on top of the mountain. Luging is sort of like bobsled, but there is only one person in in each thing and you steer it yourself, you don’t just use the walls, oh and it’s not as dangerous. We didn’t luge on snow, (our luges had a wheel). We also […]

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