In Sydney, we went to see England (losers) play Afghanistan (also losers) in the cricket world cup.  It was boring because I didn’t understand what was going on, and nothing much happened.  Then it started to rain – a lot.  Great day out!

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Sydney Harbour Bridge


The Harbor Bridge was built because it was really hard to transport all the people to the other side of the harbor on boats. There was a contest to see which design they would use to build the bridge. Doorman Long and Co Ltd., from Middlesbrough, England, made the design that won. The Bridge was […]

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My horrible day


Today was a terrible, horrible no good, very bad day. First it all started out in the morning. We woke up and got breakfast at our hotel and we went back to the room, then Sacha and I went swimming and we jumped off the dock. I kept scraping myself on barnacles.   Then we got […]

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The Kiwi is a type of bird that is native to New Zealand. It is also New Zealand’s national emblem. There are eight different regional species of kiwi in New Zealand – some of which have very small populations. Kiwis are flightless birds and so they need to protect themselves. Their colors are very dull, […]

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Maori Warfare

Maoris fought each other because they wanted to raid each other’s food stores or because they wanted land and natural resources. Sometimes it was because they thought they had been offended or mistreated. A Maori warrior is called a taha.   All Maori fought by hand-to-hand combat because before the Europeans came, they didn’t have guns […]

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The Colossal Squid


The Colossal squid is the biggest invertebrate in the world. It is part of the mollusk family, meaning that it has a shell, a soft body and bilateral symmetry (which means that if you cut it in half the two sides will look exactly the same). It lives up to 5,000 feet deep in the […]

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By Luke We went to Hobbiton, the main part of the Hobbit movie set, where they filmed The Hobbit and all the Lord of The Rings movies. The movie director was called Peter Jackson and he planned the whole set to be like the books described. The set was built on a farm because there […]

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Uros Reed Islands

By Thalie and Luke  Uros  The Uros people were living on the hills around Lake Titicaca but they moved to the lake and made floating islands because another tribe came before the Incas and wanted to make them slaves. They now speak Aymara but used to have their own Uros language. The last speaker of […]

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