Punaikiki Blowholes

Today, we went to see the blowholes. Not like the blowholes on whales, of course. I’m talking about the ones on rocks. The waves were huge, like seriously giant, and they crashed into the rocks with a force that could smash bones to splinters. The rocks were called pancake rocks, I guess because the layers […]

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Hello, New Zealand!


    Well, it was very tough to leave Texas this time – we had such a wonderful time with friends, family and mentors, and the novelty of travel had certainly worn off. The hardest thing of all was to leave Lou. Our family odyssey has definitely devolved into one weirdish-frizzy-haired-woman and three amiable, sometimes […]

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Jodhpur Fort

Thalie India

  Jodhpur fort, also known as Mehrangarh, was built upon a massive hill in Jodhpur (obviously).  The founder of the fort was a man named Rao Jodha, and there is a story that he buried a man in the foundations of the fort ….. ALIVE!   This is how it goes:  The Maharaja (king) of Jodhpur […]

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Indian hospital

Gerry India

So Thalie got really sick, really fast, whilst we were in Kerala  – swiftly followed by Luke.  Thalie’s fever was spiking very high, and she was complaining of pains traveling up her legs, so – with WebMD  diagnoses of Dengue and Septicimia dancing before my eyes, and Debra’s gentle urging, we went to the local […]

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Kaiya House

Our time in Varkala would not be complete without talking about Debra and Kaiya House.  Debra is an American expat, married to a Keralan, ex masseuse to all the major rock groups of the 80s & 90s, inveterate traveler and all around warm-spirited, gorgeous person.  We stayed in her house, which is decorated exquisitely with […]

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