Our scariest moments


We lived through a lot of different emotions on this trip. Everything was amplified – joy, boredom, the sense of freedom, loneliness, fun. The purest emotion of all though, was undiluted terror. Here are our ‘top’ ten moments, in chronological order…   Gerry 180’s the car in Costa Rica Yes, after hours of experience, I […]

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Sacha’s Round-up


Before (and during) the trip, I was worried about quite a few things. I was very worried about my academic success, asking questions to myself such as ‘What if I’m behind everyone else when I get back? What if my grades drop? What if I’m so far behind I can’t get into a good high […]

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Luang Prabang Love


Before coming here, I read a post by a well-traveled blogger, who declared her dislike of the town because, she said, it was like Lao Disney – too sanitized, too close to tourists’ expectations of a serene Buddhist town, too completely beautiful to be ‘proper’ Laos. Well, you know what? She may be right, but I […]

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Diving the Whitsundays


The time has come to tell you about my dives in the Whitsunday Islands. Okay, before I go into a highly detailed, highly awesome description of my dives, I want to say WHAT ON EARTH WAS OUR GOOD FRIEND CAPTAIN JAMES COOK THINKING? I mean, he ran aground in the Whitsundays on the Great Barrier Reef, which […]

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Thalie’s Paddington


We have been in Paddington, Australia for 5 days and I am really enjoying it! We have a little apartment on Albion street that houses us 4 perfectly. Out of all the towns we’ve seen in Sydney so far, ours is by far the nicest.     There is a nice little bakery down the […]

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The Rocks


When our dearly departed Captain James Cook discovered Australia, he claimed the land for the British, and then reported back to them. And can you guess what the British thought would be a perfect use for it? If you said ‘making it into a giant superprison for all of its criminals’, you are CORRECT! But […]

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Intro to Thailand


Well, our introduction to Thailand was definitely a bit torrid.  All the children were violently and (often impressively) explosively ill.  I received lots of “what are you doing to us, mum?” looks.  We made it to Koh Kood finally, to find a very understanding restaurant staff who produced multiple rounds of plain, dry toast, and […]

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