Today, we went to see tigers. And they were more awe-inspiring, more impressive, more incredible than I ever could have imagined. Technically, this post is supposed to be about the plight of tigers in the country of Laos, but first I’m just going to treat you to a little introduction. The front legs were wide, […]

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My horrible day


Today was a terrible, horrible no good, very bad day. First it all started out in the morning. We woke up and got breakfast at our hotel and we went back to the room, then Sacha and I went swimming and we jumped off the dock. I kept scraping myself on barnacles.   Then we got […]

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Intro to Thailand


Well, our introduction to Thailand was definitely a bit torrid.  All the children were violently and (often impressively) explosively ill.  I received lots of “what are you doing to us, mum?” looks.  We made it to Koh Kood finally, to find a very understanding restaurant staff who produced multiple rounds of plain, dry toast, and […]

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