Scuba freak-out


Since we are going to go on a serious scuba adventure later on, my mom came to the conclusion that it would be good if we went on a dive now, so we’re in practice when it’s the real thing. Just to clear this up, we apparently need practice because I got my license about […]

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Captain Cook


Captain Cook was one of the most accomplished men in history. He was a highly talented sailor, cartographer, and astronomer, and he discovered not just New Zealand and Australia, but also Hawaii, and several other islands, including Easter Island and the island of South Georgia. He even circumnavigated the world… Twice! He was the second […]

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Today, I flew. I’m not going to downplay it. I’m not going to say, “Oh, it was cool” and change the subject to today’s weather. I’m going to tell it how it was. And it was amazing. It’s always been a dream of mine to fly, second only to being a shape-shifter or a sorcerer. […]

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Sacha’s Hobbiton


  Today we went to visit Hobbiton, the film set of the Hobbit village in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. What I am instantly going to say is that I wish I could be a hobbit now, and live there. The little houses were all so cute and squat, and they were […]

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The Mythical Moa

The majesty of the moa has been long forgotten. Ask anyone “do you know about the kiwi bird?” and they will most likely say “Of course! Who doesn’t?” But ask anyone “Do you know about the moa?” and they will say “Is that a type of dolphin?” or something equally ridiculous. The moa was, in […]

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Punaikiki Blowholes

Today, we went to see the blowholes. Not like the blowholes on whales, of course. I’m talking about the ones on rocks. The waves were huge, like seriously giant, and they crashed into the rocks with a force that could smash bones to splinters. The rocks were called pancake rocks, I guess because the layers […]

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