The Bunny Problem

Bunnies have had a major impact on Australia, and not in a good way. Their latest assault has been in Macquerie Island. They have destroyed and eaten a lot of the natural vegetation, and have been doing this to Australia for 150 years. People in Australia are desperate to get rid of them.     […]

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Thalie’s Paddington


We have been in Paddington, Australia for 5 days and I am really enjoying it! We have a little apartment on Albion street that houses us 4 perfectly. Out of all the towns we’ve seen in Sydney so far, ours is by far the nicest.     There is a nice little bakery down the […]

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Have you ever been paragliding? If you have then you know how incredibly fun and scary it is all at the same time. It wasn’t on our original plan but we saw people doing it and so we decided to do it to, and let me just say, it was really high! I felt like I was […]

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When we arrived in Devonport I thought it was a nasty town and it was really ugly. This is because we had to drive the long way around over the bridge and not take the shortcut (by ferry) straight to the town. Now Devonport is actually a really cute little town right next to the […]

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On Saturday we went luging on top of the mountain. Luging is sort of like bobsled, but there is only one person in in each thing and you steer it yourself, you don’t just use the walls, oh and it’s not as dangerous. We didn’t luge on snow, (our luges had a wheel). We also […]

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Jodhpur Fort

Thalie India

  Jodhpur fort, also known as Mehrangarh, was built upon a massive hill in Jodhpur (obviously).  The founder of the fort was a man named Rao Jodha, and there is a story that he buried a man in the foundations of the fort ….. ALIVE!   This is how it goes:  The Maharaja (king) of Jodhpur […]

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