Muay Thai

IMG_4604 In Thailand, just before we left Chiang Mai, we went to a Muay Thai (Thai boxing) class. Muay Thai is a bit like kickboxing but it has more moves. It is a very big sport in Thailand and many men compete in it. We decided to try it out so we turned up at the gym and asked if we could have a Thai boxing lesson. They said that we could but it would have to be 2 hours. We asked if they could do one but they said “No, only 2 hours”. All of us and one other lady were in the class.
     It was really tiring. We had to do like a whole 2 hours exercising and throwing kicks, IMG_4604punches and elbows. for the first like 15 minutes we were jumping on tires, which actually is tiring, and then we had to jump rope. After we had ‘warmed up’ we did a number of stretches and then 30 sit-ups and 10 push-ups. When we were all tired out they decided to start teaching us punches and kicks. We learned left and right punch, left and right elbow, right kick and right knee. Then we finally got to have a water break and get boxing gloves. They weren’t going to IMG_4632rest for long, though. as soon as we had gotten gloves on Sacha, Momma and the Lady had to do 50 double punches into the punching bag and Luke and I went into the ring. No, we didn’t fight each other.  We both went against the two professionals. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking yah, right. Well it’s true. Just not in the way that you think. we basically kicked and punched the pads that they were holding. It ws really fun. 
Eventually the class was over and we thanked the guys for teaching us and went on our way. It was very but fun and rewarding and even if I was tired then I am still glad we did it. 

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