Luang Prabang Love


Before coming here, I read a post by a well-traveled blogger, who declared her dislike of the town because, she said, it was like Lao Disney – too sanitized, too close to tourists’ expectations of a serene Buddhist town, too completely beautiful to be ‘proper’ Laos.


Well, you know what? She may be right, but I don’t care – this place is GORGEOUS, and it’s real. A unique combination of incredible architecture left over from the French Indochina occupation, stately and awe-inspiring temples, the beautiful, sleepy Nam Khan and Mekong rivers converging with the spindly bamboo bridges the only way across, and the overwhelming serenity of this city makes it one of the most all-around stunning places I have ever visited. Yes, there are tourists, but the locals – whilst friendly – go about their rich lives pretty much unconcerned with us lot and our snapping iphones. There are monks everywhere, the slash of bright orange adding more depth and color to already beautiful vistas. I could go on and on about this tranquil, spiritual city, but I think it’s best to just show you. So here you are.  You’re welcome xxx.

IMG_3418 IMG_3419 IMG_3075 IMG_2943 IMG_3147  IMG_3198 IMG_3180  IMG_2957 IMG_3146 IMG_3921 IMG_3953 IMG_3942 IMG_3950 IMG_3928 IMG_3941
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