We followed the hoards of Chinese down the road from Rotorua to one of the North Island’s biggest draws – the hot springs and a precisely-timed, 9.30am geyser that is just slightly artificially created by adding baking soda or something. Still, it didn’t stop any of us form charging down there at the appointed hour and sitting, 2,000-fold, craning over around each others heads with cameras poised.


The water shot into the air, we duly clicked, then all charged back to tromp around the hot springs, which were, by turn, menacingly bubbling, interestingly colored and smelly. There is all sorts of science stuff that I read and strongly encouraged the children to read, which we all promptly forgot. Still, here’s the lowdown. Different minerals = different colors, these existed long before the dawn on any living species, inside New Zealand’s dangerous volcanic crust etc etc. Don’t fall in.



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