The Kiwi is a type of bird that is native to New Zealand. It is also New Zealand’s national emblem. There are eight different regional species of kiwi in New Zealand – some of which have very small populations. Kiwis are flightless birds and so they need to protect themselves. Their colors are very dull, so they can blend in with the bushes. They are nocturnal except on an island called Stewart Island where they are diurnal. They have strong legs and can run one hundred meters in three minutes. They have really long beaks, with nostrils at the tip of their beaks. Kiwis are the only birds with nostrils like this! It weighs three to ten pounds.

IMG_0433 I saw the brown spotted kiwi, which is about eighteen inches tall. It has a long beak that it uses to dig for worms. When the female kiwi is pregnant, its eggs take up almost all the whole body, and it has one two eggs at a time. Only five percent of the kiwi babies live to adulthood. They find food in forests, underground and in bushes. Kiwis’ predators are dogs, possums, ferrets, wildcats and stoats. Sometimes they get caught in possum traps. One German Shepherd killed two hundred kiwis. I saw a kiwi in an animal shelter that helps protect them. You will barely see a kiwi in the wild you will just see it running off. When the animal feeder IMG_0441 (1)came to feed one called Kevin it ran and hid. When she fed the other one called Atu it ran up and started kicking her constantly, and weaving in and out of her legs.


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