Stone carving and jewelry making

  You aren’t going to believe this but Sacha, Momma, Luke and I all made really cool necklaces out of jade and then we three kids made some out of bone. It was at a jade-carving studio and it was awesome, with all the right equipment and everything! We felt just like professional stone-carvers!
   Momma was looking in her guide book for activities to do and she found this cool looking place called Bonz n’ Stonz, and you could make things out of jade, cow bone, and paua shell. We all chose to make things out of jade, even though it took the longest to do.
      I chose to make a dolphin and so then I had to draw it. There is no way that I can draw this thing, I thought, but luckily there were metal stencils that we could use. Unfortunately it took us a while to find those. I traced it and got a perfect dolphin, and then went downstairs to choose the piece that I would use. I was just about to pick a piece but then Momma came up and showed me a piece she had found with a really pretty color and so we both used that one. It was sort of light green with tinges of darker green.
     After we had all picked out our things, Steve (the guy who runs it) brought us over to the slicing machine to cut them as close as possible without hurting the part that we would carve. We didn’t get to do that part because it was way too dangerous and we weren’t experienced enough.  Then we ran all the other stuff down, that we could, on a grinder. Some parts the grinder could not reach, though, like in between the tail. We had to use the drill for those places.  There were so many different drill heads and all of them had a different purpose. I only got to use about 2 or 3 of the heads, but they were still really cool. I used a mini grinder to remove the excess jade from in between the tail and the body, a long conical shape to do the eyes and the hole, and one that looked sort of like a nail head to do the details of the mouth. IMG_0870
      Polishing was possibly my favorite part of making my thing. Well at least the latter part of it was. First of all we had to get three different kinds of sand paper and use all three thoroughly, and then I had to use a small strip of sandpaper to do it in between the tail and the body  thoroughly. But then came the fun part. After all that annoying sandpaper we got to use the bluffer. It’s much more fun then it sounds but I will try to explain. What you do is you hold your piece firmly, and then sort of rotate it to polish everywhere. It’s spinning really fast and you have to hold the piece firmly and at the bottom of the bluffer otherwise it will fly out of your hand and most probably break. It flew out of my hand a couple of times but luckily my thing was thick and didn’t break.
Before and after jade
Before and after bone
   The last thing you do is put it in oil for about 5 minutes. It is torture to have to wait that long when you really want to see the masterpiece. Hey, you can call me impatient but you should try it! When your piece, whatever it may be, comes out of the oil, it looks amazing! Voila, your piece is done! Wait a second, did I forget the string??? Ok you put the string on, pull it over your head and voila, your masterpiece is done!
  We also made masterpieces out of bone and it was pretty much the same except we used a saw instead of a slicer and a sandpaper go round-thing instead of a grinder. Jewelry making was really fun and I am so happy we did it and I have one (well two actually) people to thank for it, Momma (& Steve)
Steve, us, and our finished creations

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  1. Wow Thalie, you are finding the most interesting things to do!!!! I loved reading your story–made me feel like I was actually there and making the jewelry myself!!
    Love you lots,

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