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We went to Hobbiton, the main part of the Hobbit movie set, where they filmed The Hobbit and all the Lord of The Rings movies. The movie director was called Peter Jackson and he planned the whole set to be like the books described. The set was built on a farm because there was a perfect tree next to a perfect lake in front of a hill.

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All the fruits and vegetables are real except for two trees. Peter Jackson said the leaves on one tree were too big and so they picked all the leaves on the tree and hand attached le


aves shipped from Taiwan! The other tree was a real one but when they filmed the Hobbit they had to make the tree look younger than it had been in the Lord Of The Rings, so they put in a fake tree. The tree has a steel structure then there is resin, then they put the imprint of the bark of the first tree on the resin and wired the leaves on.


In the Hobbit village the houses look impressive on the outside and have lots of decorations but in the inside it is very small and bare. The back of the house has wooden bracings to keep the roof from caving in. The houses were built on a hill and the poor hobbits live at the bottom and the rich hobbits live at the top. They did this thing called forced perspective and they built big houses and small houses and the hobbits would stand in front of the big houses to look small and the regular sized characters stood in front of the small houses to look bigger than hobbits.

Bilbo Baggins’ house


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  1. Wow Luke, that is really interesting about Hobbitton! I was wondering how they made those perfect movie sets!!! Hope you are having a ball!
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