Rappelling in Baños


Rappelling was CRAZY!!! (mostly in a good way.) First we had to get in three layers of wetsuits (the adults only had to have one, but that meant Thalie and I were much warmer) then hike up a cliff in them! 

The cliff part kinda sucked, but then we got to the first waterfall, and it was pretty cool! Thalie and I couldn’t go on that first one, because there was too much water, and it was really dangerous for us. Instead, one of the guides took us around, and we waited on a giant rock at the end.


On the second waterfall (now that was SCARY) we were attached to the cliff by this tiny little rope. Thalie and I had too go last and first, because we needed a guide. The waterfall was huge, and I can guarantee that anyone in my shoes would’ve been as freaked out as I was. It also really didn’t help that my guide was crazy, and kept sliding down the face of the giant waterfall rapids about ten feet at a time! It was like: STAND HORIZONTAL. FREE FALL. SCREAM. JERK. OWWW.

Also, my guide didn’t know what hands and feet were, so he kept going “MOVE YOUR HAND! MOVE YOUR HAND!” And then when I tried to move my hand, he would jerk my feet into a different position, and we would usually slide halfway down the waterfall “faster than the speed of light!” Or the opposite way around.

The third waterfall was exactly the same, with the “MOVE YOUR FEET! MOVE YOUR FEET!” And then jerking the opposite body part around. Also the same with the STAND HORIZONTAL. FREE FALL. SCREAM. JERK. OWWW.
So, yeah, SO filing those two into my “Happy Memories” folder.

The fourth was actually really fun. It was kind of like a zip line, and we flew down above the waterfall, like a giant bird. YAYYYY!

The fifth waterfall was also really fun. It was a water-slide. There was a big waterfall that dunked you into a little pool, and then you climbed out of the pool and slid down a second, slightly smaller waterfall. Too pad us, we had these giant red covers and our rears so we wouldn’t scrape ourselves up. The sixth and last waterfall was also like this…
On the last waterfall, it was a mini-slide. At the end, it had a jump, and you flew into the air and landed with a SPLASH into a pool!

I’ll report more later!

Yours, as always,

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