Buying Lou a guitar

In Banos, we had heard about a master guitar craftsman, so we set out to investigate. After several abortive attempts to find the place, we stumbled across a disheveled looking workshop that – despite ringing and knocking several times, remained firmly cerrado.

On my third visit a friendly man told me that he workshop was usually open from 6-9pm.  We returned, and found the most delightful man sitting with his daughter, who was doing her English homework. He was the 4th generation of a family of guitar craftsmen, and he showed took us through the process, from the 4 different types of wood used, to the different designs and shapes that his famous father had pioneered.

Of course, we couldn’t resist, and this was the result. We bought it on blind faith that Lou would like it. When he came to visit us for 2 days in Cusco I returned back to our basic hostel to find a true Waltons moment:  he was playing the guitar, surrounded by all 3 children who were singing together. I think he liked it!

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