Riddle of the Week

Guys, I am so sorry. I know I haven’t posted a riddle in about a month now, and, yes, I know they’re supposed to be weekly. Let me make up for it by giving you TWO riddles.

When I’m asleep, I’m black as the night,
But when I’m awake, I shine so bright.
I’m the mother of heat, of sparks and flames,
Touch me and receive a burning pain.
But when I’m asleep, I’m cold to the touch,
Found in the earth, dangerous? Not much.
It is I who can give birth to FIRE,
Come close and feel the perspire.
Wood is my comrade, we share the flames,
Playing with my child is no game.
Now I burn with a sigh,
Pray tell me, what am I?

Luna, luna, come to me,
As I sing up to thee,
My whiskers brush the cool night air,
As I scrabble here and there,
Luna, luna, why so high?
Come down to Earth, come from the sky,
My nails dig into the ground,
Leave me be, oh speckled hound,
Luna, luna, so beautiful,
So shining, like a waterfall
I can smell you, Luna dear,
Bring me up, to your ear,
And I will whisper, being me,
Secrets of the ground I leave behind,
And you will whisper of the sky,
As you tell me, we will fly.
But first the humans must decide,
Oh, what am I, what am I?

Happy Guessing!


P.S The answer to the last riddle was BLOOD!

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