By Sacha

Tortugero is a little island off the coast of the Caribbean, near Costa Rica. There are many turtles that come to Tortugero to lay there eggs. The island even derives its name from them. There are also loads of dogs there, most friendly and amiable. We met a really nice guy called Mo, who showed us how he carved little turtles out of a special kind of wood. Thalie, Luke, and I each bought a turtle, and we saw him around several times. Many people carve and make things for tourists as a living, but we got to see the other side of Tortugero when we walked around the island. We saw the village, and all the houses were people lived in. Everyone was super nice and friendly.


The kind of turtles that typically come to lay their eggs at Tortugero are green turtles. We went to the beach several times to try and see baby sea turtles hatching, but, no luck. Tortugero is also home to green basilisks, iguanas, and capuchin monkeys, as well as many other species. We went on a wildlife tour and saw a green basilisk, as well as many capuchin monkeys. Thalie got a really cool picture of one peeking out from behind a palm leaf.


We went to a restaurant called Miss Junie’s restaurant. It had a history page that was very interesting. Apparently, Tortugero was once a tiny island with only 5 families as its population, and no restaurants. Mrs. Sibella, Miss Junie’s mother, founded the first one. Her restaurant welcomed and fed many important people, including military officers,  and Tortugero’s population gradually increased to 100 families. Her daughter, Junie, helped in the restaurant, and continued working as her mother grew older. She built a new restaurant, the one we were eating in, and the population increased to 200 families. Mrs. Sibella died, but Miss Junie continues to run the restaurant. Today, the name Mrs. Sibella is highly respected in Tortugero.

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